Why is Cyber Security Important in 2021?

As we have entered the era of digitalization, cyberspace requires security from cyber-crimes more than ever in 2021. It has become an inevitability to protect our data such as personal information, PII (personally identifiable information), health information, intellectual data, governmental information, and industry information system, from being damaged or from getting hacked into.

As inherent risk and residual risk is increasing with the rapid growth of digital services, cybersecurity programs ought to be practiced to save your organization from being a target of cyber-attack. Cyber security is important to such a degree that in recent years it will top as one of the most demanding jobs within the IT sector. Several reasons put the spotlight on the importance of virtual security systems in the IT world among business leaders and cyberattack is one of them.

Increase of Cyber-crime

AFP (Australian Federal Policy) labels cybercrime as online fraud committed by computers or any Information communication technologies (ICTS). Recent years have shown that data are being digitalized and stored in cloud servers. But in maximum cases, these services failed to maintain the privacy of the information because of their poor management. Ransomware, phishing, and spyware are some common cyber-attacks, as well as data leaks, cloud leaks, data spills, which happen more than often on the web.

As digital businesses are evolving, information thievery is also growing rapidly. Even individual and governmental sensitive data are being the victim of sophisticated cybercrime. Cyber-attacks can lead to data integrity or data cloning that has a high probability to destroy any organization from within.

Thus cyber security experts are now considered a valuable part of any digital organization. Only anti-malware software alone cannot protect the huge information that can be breached by Cybercriminals. Government or businesses cannot deny the urgent need for IT professionals for Information risk management.

Impact of Cybercrime

If businesses and government do not pay attention to cybercrime before it is too late, they might have to pay economical, regulatory, and reputational costs. In various cases, repairing the damage like erasing valuable data or losing customer trust is difficult, if not impossible.

So to avoid those situations, organizations have to employ security specialists. Many businesses are making the smart move to invest more in online data security.

They should also encourage their existing staff to learn about cyber security. The human error made by office staff is one of the major causes of 90% of data breaches. If staff is correctly educated on how to respond to cyber threats, the majority of these incidents could be dodged. There is a great cyber security online course in Smart Careers for beginners. This educational program will increase the value of all IT investments as it would stop anyone from bypassing expensive information.

As for personal data breaches, an individual also has to suffer financial and reputational loss if they are not aware of their online activities. In the age of social media, there is too much personal information in cyberspace that can make anyone a target of attack.

Job Opportunities for IT professionals in Cybersecurity

As the demand for protection rises for the sensitive data shared and preserved through cloud computing, job opportunities are also being created almost every day. If you learn or take courses on cyber security, you can become a cyber-security specialist in Australia. Job roles in this discipline can include-

  • Network security expert
  • Penetration Tester
  • Cryptographer
  • Security analyst
  • Security Consultant
  • Information Security analyst
  • Ethical Hacker
  • Red Teamer,
  • Security Engineer
  • Security Architect
  • Web App Security analyst
  • Computer Forensic Investigator


Stats by The Australian Government job outlook show that more than 41000 people will be added to the existing professionals in this field as businesses are continuously looking for security experts.

Moreover, organizations are willing to pay six-figure payments to keep their data safe and protected. So job roles in this sector will rise in demand for IT professionals with cyber security degrees or training.

With every new business, the need for protection from disruptive security breaches increases. Thus making these job roles a great opportunity for job seekers in the IT sector.