RPO – Recruitment Process Outsourcing – Enterprise RPO and Project RPO

If you have the right eye for it, your business is going to gain a huge supply from it. The human resource team wears multiple hats of responsibilities in addition to hiring and recruiting such as managing employee relations, training, payroll, compensation, and much more.

As quoted by RPOA co-founder and Talent Acquisition expert John Younger, “the number one reason companies succeed, struggle, or fail is directly correlated with who they hire.”

The recruiting environment has been more challenging than ever to find the right talent. The business runs on ideas and the team that you have built, if either of these fails, your business goes down with it.

Hiring is an investment for greater future returns, which seeks top talents. Be it larger companies or smaller companies, recruiting the right candidate is challenging, moreover, the process is tiring. And when it comes to business you cannot have a hire and trial method, it affects productivity.

As who you hire is an important factor in the company, organizations have been following three recruiting processes: internal recruiters, contract recruiters, and staffing agencies. Outsourcing recruitment has been one of the ways to mitigate the entire pain of hiring the right candidate. But, in the past few years, RPO has waived its way down into smaller and middle-market domains as recruiting partners.

When the labor market is uptight, RPO brings in the solution to the business by fulfilling the recruitment process. A decision to hire the right recruit will now be on your RPO partner.
Through a clearly defined process and expertise in talent acquisition, the RPO program will put the hiring pieces together. So, your talent acquisition functions team will be transformed into a triangle of dedicated expert recruiters, technology, and best hiring practices.

Clearly, RPO shuts down the recruiting challenges that a company faces in certain ways, starting from cost-per-hire, time-to-hire, quality, scalability to name some. They align with the hiring team and drive the entire recruitment process by configuring the balance between human-machine intelligence to provide remarkable outcomes.

If your enterprise is seeking to outsource their recruitment process, we have the right team for you. Our industry-credible teams act as an add-on in your hiring teams and offer you a centralized model to efficiently connect talent to your business world.

Executive Search

Professionals can take your business to the heights; amateurs are there to learn and perform. For a company to build a team is one part and managing the team is another, that’s where the role of executives comes in.

A team looks forward to their senior or executive level members to become the leaders of tomorrow. Consider the teamwork for a month without the CEO of the company, can you?

It’s almost impossible for an organization to drive performance without any direction. And that’s what the executive members do, they are the source to channelize the energy. In other words, to lead the team members for higher productivity.

What if you end up hiring a poor choice for the position which has the power to either take you higher or make you fall? In such a scenario, recovering from the missteps and mismanagement becomes almost impossible, it ends up exhausting time, resources, and money.

As quoted by Mark Yarnell “A leader is someone who demonstrates what’s possible.”

The headhunting with such strong statements becomes crucial than ever, which seeks highly qualified candidates for senior-level and executive jobs. With your competitor rising higher, you wouldn’t want to see a downfall just because the higher executive isn’t skilled.

The senior-level members carry the company’s vision and make it happen with their expertise. But the need and pressure to find the right leaders with required skill sets and experience require the right call who can simply fit in the organizational culture.

The executive search service providers get what your business wants i.e. an adequate leader who will be an ideal fit for the organization and build appropriate frameworks for business growth. Whatever your business needs, the expert team of executive search providers will bring in the potential recruit through their innovative approach.

Global Sourcing

With growing competition and an increase in international demands, better products and services become the need of an hour. The strategy implemented by businesses to make much revenue out of this opportunity is to seek a location outside the country for product manufacturing.

In other words, sourcing the raw materials or services from companies outside the country wherever they find the cheapest price and highest quality. In order to keep the business running on profit and updated with the evolving technology, it needs to step into global sourcing.

With the extension of arms, a firm can improve quality, cut down the costs, and provide better products and services. The most famous example around us is Apple, they manufacture the products in China making it a perfect business fit strategy for the brand.

Global sourcing benefits the organization in several ways:

Low-Cost Production

Are you thinking of expanding sales in the quarter? An overseas business from developing countries is what you require. To get the profits out of lower labor costs, planning a labor-intensive process will be a beneficial call for the business.

Higher Production Capacity

When small or medium-sized companies think of manufacturing cost, it’s difficult for them to predict the earnings which makes them reluctant while investing in the same. By strategizing their ways to get to low-cost countries for the production of large volumes of goods at a reduced cost and higher capacity.

Furthermore, the business gets the chance to expand their name overseas, where you can operate your business and target the new market along with fresh designs, technology, QA procedures, and much more.

Businesses with global sourcing have left their competitors behind by reducing the cost of the goods, increasing the speed to market, and enhancing the quality consistently. If your business is seeking a strategy and opportunity to grow, reach out to the global sourcing providers to handle your needs with talented resources.

Expat Hiring

Most of the employees start working in IT or any other industry with the dream of becoming an expat or in other words going onsite. With the statistics of 80% of companies sending their best talents abroad, no wonders it’s a competitive necessity.

Though international clients don’t cost the company any less, on average abroad professional’s costs two to three times higher than what they would cost in a local location. So, sending local employees overseas is expensive because the company will be taking care of immigration requirements, allowances, and other payments, but it is worth the shot.

In today’s economy, companies are hiring an expat who will be fluent with a diverse economy to manage their work with international clients. This cut down the process of putting trust in a person and training new employees which clearly is a long-term method.

But any company would think twice before hiring an expat, as everything comes in with pros and cons. Outsourcing the hiring process gives you

  • The right resource who will be fluent in handling international culture and clients.
  • Exposure to multicultural and cosmopolitan approach.

What you will have in your business is the best quality, talented, and well-versed recruit rather than some locality who wouldn’t understand or take months to understand your business practices.

Hence, meeting the right resource on a foreign land will be a challenging task. The smart call would be hiring a multi-skilled professional expat to fulfill your requirement across borders and territories. If you are planning to land an international client or start a business overseas, the expat hiring service providers will help you in the utilization of global expats.

Mobility and Immigration

When you have a business in the international market, the team to handle that business is essential for global success. If you fail to set up the right team at the right time, the international set will fall quickly.

For any company that has global operations, employee mobility is a critical step for it. With employee mobility comes the business strategy plans and expenses. Now, moving an employee across the border in a shorter time and at a low cost is an intimidating task.

The employee transfer alone consists of immigration and visa requirements, tax and social security implications, data privacy mandates, employment rules, stock benefits, and compensation issues, and FCPA restrictions.

Clearly, the process is time and cost consuming, but calling a service provider who can take care of the mobility and immigration process of the employees will spend both times and cost-efficiently.

The service providers will design, implement, and manage global mobility programs that are inclusive of all legal and administrative issues. And their expert team members advise the company’s employees on taxes, social security, employee benefits, and compensation issues, as well as local employment law compliance. So, outsourcing the mobility and immigration program will give you:

  • International mobility policies
  • International work agreement and assignment letters’ draft
  • Expat employee remuneration
  • Issues related to repatriation and termination of assignments
  • Immigration law will have employee relocation, representation before local immigration authorities, and hiring foreign employees.

The lawyers of these firms work closely with international organizations across the globe to bring businesses the required guidance for their informed decisions. If your business is on the verge of planning the employee’s transfer, contacting a service expert will give your major capability and worldwide reach.

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