Data Analyst – Career Demand in Australia

Technology is bringing the future in hands wherein data is setting the market success for businesses. The emerging market and technology together are directing the wave of the fourth industrial revolution. With the onset of this revolution, the businesses are running on data, generating a huge demand for data analysts.

Amongst the various career options, the data analyst is one of the promising roles right now. Not only this, the rise in big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning is exploding the field of data science with opportunities.

When the call for data professionals is increasing worldwide, Australia is no different. Statistics show that in Australia, the data science job grew by 58% in 2018, which is five times higher than what was in 2014, and the number is still mounting. With such a huge rise in data scientist job postings, there’s never been a better time than today to start your path with smart careers in the field.

In the past some years, companies struggling with huge data have recognized the need for data analysts. From a business perspective, data is the new corporate currency. Now, the market study requires more than just accessing data and reports.

When the data is sweeping the market, there’s a crucial requirement of analyzing the data as it assists in enhancing business, decision makings, and providing the upper hand over the competitors. Thus, the experts of data analytics need to acquire skills to bring insights and business values from big data.

As quoted by Jeanne Harris, a senior executive at Accenture Institute for high performance, “data is useless without the skill to analyze it.”

The companies with existing data analysts have been taking the responsibility of providing them training to make them career ready. Once a data analyst puts a hand in big data, it includes analyzing large, messy, unstructured data to run data-driven experiments, interpret data, and create innovative data-based products and services.

According to the statistics from various sources,

In organizations, data analysts now head the charge in collecting and analyzing the data for making business decisions. For instance, without data being read and analyzed, how would a company know what products they should order more? Or how their product is performing in the market?

From marketing to finance industries, data professionals are playing a key role in finding business insights by reading and dissecting information. Thus, the demand for the right candidate with an accurate mix of skills will set a future-proof and lucrative career.

The world and big companies are calling for data professionals following this field, you will open the gates to work anywhere around the globe. Hone your skills by enrolling in the courses in the demanding field of data scientists and get started with a smart career ahead.

9 reasons why you should start your career as a data analyst.

  • Higher demand for analytics professionals
  • Huge job opportunities and meeting skill gap
  • Salary aspects
  • Data analytics is the current trend and topmost priority
  • Adoption of data analytics is growing
  • Crucial roles in business decision making
  • Data is sweeping over all the industries
  • Surpassing Market Forecast / Predictions for Data Analytics
  • Numerous Choices in Job Titles and Type of Analytics

What Skills Are Required for a Job in Data Analytics?

With emerging technology, you need to keep pace with skills for setting your career ahead of others. Some of the skills that you should delve into along with other skills are:


The advancing technology is bending in with one of the most used programming languages, python. Now, learning a coding language is no more restricted to the coders only. A data professional with knowledge of python will have an upper hand in manipulating and analyzing the data by building web applications.

SQL (Structured Query Language)

A well-known language in the field of data. In the initial stage of your career, you would require the basic knowledge of SQL to work with databases. With SQL, you can navigate large databases to obtain and work with the required data. Unlike other languages, SQL is a pretty easy language to learn and get a hold on to.

Data Visualization Skills

“The goal is to turn data into information and information into insights,” quoted by Carly Fiorina.
Clearly, data needs to be nourished to deliver the business outcome. The data professionals visualize, they know how to seek data and communicate insights. In the market, the demand for professionals with these skillsets have high demand and pay.


Data analysts are becoming the cornerstone of business growth and success. Big companies like Accenture, EY, Telstra, ING, Hipages in Australia are seeking highly skilled data professionals to understand data and provide insights from a business point of view.

Data no matter how structured they are requires an eye to transform it into something useful. For this very reason, professionals are shaping their skills to master the ocean of data and boost the business.

If studying the market is one of your interests, start your career in the most demanding job of tomorrow. Course providers like Smart Careers believe in harnessing the future-proof data professionals for the benefit of both organizations and individuals.

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